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Here at Robert Bowers Accounting, Inc., we are dedicated to you and all your different accounting needs.  We've been around since 1985.  Our most important goal is making you a happy, life-long customer.   ​We are committed to providing you with competent, professional accounting service.

      Robert “Bob” Bowers  is the Owner and President of  

Robert Bowers Accounting, Inc., as well as Robert Bowers Christian

Accounting and Seminars, Inc., located in Lehigh Acres, FL.  

He has been providing professional financial services to the local

community and throughout Southwest Florida area since 1985

when Bob opened his first firm, Bowers Accounting, Inc.

      Although Bob is recognized for his expertise in all areas of professional

accounting services, his passion is in providing consultation and financial

services to churches relative to the constantly changing Internal Revenue

Service laws and  requirements unique to churches.  He has been conducting

"Church Accounting and Tax Seminars" throughout Southwest Florida since 2002.   Bob is well-studied in both of these areas and is considered to be an expert in this field. 

    Bob Bowers attended the University of South Florida and Edison College in Fort Myers, majoring in Business and Accounting.  He has been authorized by Florida Society of Accountants & Tax Professionals, Inc. since 2006 to provide continuing education for CPE credits.  

    Bob Bowers is a current member of the National Society of Tax Professionals, National Society of Accountants, Florida Society of Accountants (FSA), and SW Florida Chapter of the Society of Accountants.  He served as Past President of the FSA and of the local SW Chapter.   He served as a past State Director for the FSA, and in the local SW Chapter, he previously served as Vice President and as Secretary for several years. 

    The Florida Society of Accountants Association recognized and awarded Bob Bowers as the “2010-2011 Speaker of the Year”.  He has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions from local civic organizations.

    Bob Bowers is married, with four children, fourteen grandchildren and twelve great grandchildren.  He enjoys singing and has shared his talent in many of the local churches, and participates in recitals with The Lehigh Children’s Choir, and The Lehigh Singers, both non-profit organizations and, of which, he serves as a Board Member.

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